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A sector that is in critical shock. Through co-ordinated effort by Destination Plymouth and other stakeholders, Plymouth has had experienced excellent positive visitor growth in recent years. The South West of England is one of the leading tourism destinations in the UK representing the second highest GVA in the sector outside of London. 

8,977 FTE jobs
(8.5% of city employment)
GVA output of
(3.8% of Plymouth GVA)
Productivity 75%
of GB sector average
5.2m visitors each  year, generating over £331m spend (15% of all Devon county)
Opportunities/Challenges to address
  • Many tourism and hospitality businesses struggling as a result of Covid-19's negative impact on visitor numbers, spend and confidence. Others will not survive the winter period unless sufficiently supported by national Government

  • Risk of eroding the city’s positive tourist volume and value performance been built up carefully in recent years

  • To remain competitive there is a need for innovation and enhanced user experiences deploying latest digital/creative technologies

  • First class customer service skills required 

Identified courses of action
courses of action

Survey to understand sector position financially and ability to survive. Feed into DCMS for CSR input and use as base for ongoing decision making

Outcome: Use as evidence base to continue to lobby for additional national support

Publish 10 year Visitor Plan to clarify key projects and enabling priorities

Outcome: Prioritise and progress distinct projects for the sector, to retain/grow visitor numbers/spend value and thus protect businesses and jobs

Highlight 9 'Star Projects' such as National Marine Park, Brunel Plaza, etc. and assess delivery resources required

Outcome: To continue to build visitor product offer, asset base and physical welcome environment

Build digital marketing materials to promote Destination

Outcome: Sector and business innovation to remain competitive thus protecting/growing jobs. Kickstart grants for businesses to support digital skills development

Identify where key job losses will be and try to link to vacancies/re-training via Skills Hub. Also consider talent retention eg. chefs/management

Outcome: Jobs retained or employees transferred into new work placements

Market Plymouth as an ‘off peak’ destination to drive demand through winter

Outcome: Businesses continue to trade over off peak winter/Christmas season therefore remain viable

Kick start 2021 season to ensure visitors book early for domestic holidays

Outcome: Encourage maximum visits early into 2021 season again to reduce ‘off peak’ scenario and build cash flow early season

Successes/Results to date


Sector survey completed 11 September 2020 and fed back regionally/nationally

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