This is our emergency response to support Plymouth people facing redundancy. There are two immediate streams of this response:

We’re working with our partners as a rapid response task force to support those businesses and employees in need. Our emergency response will also provide targeted support for young people and school leavers’ who have had plans and opportunities impacted by Covid-19.

We want to prepare and equip ourselves for future growth. We’re going to undertake work to understand the demand for skills today and in the future and initiate ways to support this development to ensure we create the right skills to fill the jobs needed to deliver our economic growth potential through Skills Launchpad Plymouth.

By making sure we know what skills businesses need for enabling the city’s economic recovery, we can help people with re-skilling, up-skilling, and to become work ready in order to help get them back into meaningful employment and achieve positive skills outcomes.   


jobs at risk


School leavers


Further and Higher Education Leavers 

What have we done so far? 

Plymouth has a strong track record of collaborating with Department for Work and Pensions (DWP), skills delivery and support partners. We know to succeed we need to understand the demand for skills from businesses as much as for people looking for employment. We've already started work to understand this demand and the challenges that are being faced have done the following: 

  • Created an emergency response task force to support businesses in need of support and advice in relation to risk of redundancy and economic shock 

  • Created a collaborative skills task group of delivery and support partners, and engagement with DWP to work together to shape our localised skills response.

  • Working with sector leads, we've established a skills demand survey to engage with our businesses to capture the challenges and skills required so we can match with the right supply of skills.

  • Working in city wide partnership, we have set up Skills Launchpad Plymouth as a new virtual FREE one-stop-shop skills service which aims to help local people stay informed to equip themselves with the skills and confidence that they will need to play a part in the city’s future.

  • Regular market demand surveys with employers to pro-actively support local employers and sectors with skills and employment issues. 

  • Provide direct response to short and longer term employer demands for skills through lobbying, funding bids and responding to opportunities. 

* Figures shown are estimates and will be updated as new intelligence is gathered and available  

What are we going to do now? 

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