Plymouth City Council has identified three core areas to act as beacons for our recovery; Marine, Green and Culture.


Our beacons will focus on current and future strategic projects, building on our strengths yet dealing with vulnerabilities to make Plymouth resilient and better than before.


This is an opportunity to kick-start our Green economy, a focus on new jobs, skills and future talent, and support our ambitions for a greener city.


We will also use our marine credentials and strengths at Oceansgate, the dockyard and our incredible marine learning and research facilities to harness growth opportunities and create jobs for our blue economy. We will also use The Box and the Mayflower programme as a springboard for cultural, leisure and tourism industries.

Building on Plymouth's global leading strengths in the marine sector 

Creating a carbon neutral city by 2030 and kick-starting our green economy

Using our assets like The Box and Mayflower 400 as a springboard for culture, leisure and tourism industries

Med Res Oceansgate South Yard views-0032


We will showcase Plymouth’s global leading marine technology strengths, featuring SmartSound, National Marine Park, Oceansgate and being home to the largest Naval Base in Western Europe. It will promote the accessibility of its waterfront, for leisure, health and work, as well as leading the UK in clean propulsions and decarbonising leisure and work boats.

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