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Green recovery measures to provide innovation and cultural change to deliver jobs, economic and social recovery and drive sustainability for a Carbon Neutral City by 2030.

Key Themes

Greener Futures


We’ll invest in green skills  encourage clean and inclusive growth to expand, and level up, economic opportunities for local jobs and training to build skills and future talent and generate greater social value in the city. 

We're piloting and building a pipeline of Zero Carbon Homes, providing an exemplar for innovation, modern methods of construction and developing the opportunity for new, offsite manufacturing capability.


We’ll establish a Future Standard for Buildings to develop and adopt design and manufacturing standards to transform building performance, including a focus on net zero carbon and building safety. 


We'll continue to adapt to climate change, taking actions to avoid and reduce consequences, and build resilience.

We’ll also continue to lead the Building Plymouth partnership, increasing capacity and capability of the local supply chain, local spend in construction and further increasing local skills investment and sustainable employment. 

Greener Living

We’ll accelerate an improved housing offer for zero carbon new homes, providing energy efficient retrofits of existing homes and improved standards for buildings in Plymouth. 
We’ll scale up Residential Retrofit to provide energy efficiency retrofitting of private housing to advance Plymouth’s response to the climate emergency and provide positive health outcomes.

We're delivering the Transforming Cities Programme, with investments to transform the city centre’s streets and spaces. 
We'll reinforce our relationship with open spaces and nature, by taking immediate restorative actions making people happier, healthier and more resilient. 

Greener Transport

We’ll develop sustainable transport initiatives to encourage more people to use sustainable transport methods such as walking, cycling, public and community transport. 

We’ll do this by spearheading Plymouth’s sustainable transport initiatives with the development of Brunel Plaza to connect rail with other sustainable modes of transport. 

We’ll deliver Mobility Hubs to offer a low carbon multi-modal network for travel around the city and the surrounding area. 

We’ll develop Hydrogen Fuel Generation and Refuel Points to offer alternative fuel to both land and marine transport. 

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