Sustainable Industrial Forum | 10th May, 2022

Tuesday 10th May, 10:00 - 13:00

It is vital that Plymouth’s growing manufacturing and construction industries are taking action to move towards Net Zero.

PCC has produced two action plans: Climate Emergency Action Plan (CEAP) in discussion with the Plymouth Net Zero Partnership (PNZP) and the Corporate Carbon Reduction Plan (CCRP). Progress is monitored and reviewed in a public forum every 6 months.

In order to reach net zero by 2030, it requires action to be taken at all levels with governments, local authorities, businesses and individuals all needing to play their part. Therefore, it is vital that Plymouth’s growing manufacturing and construction industries are taking action to reduce their emissions, and their wider environmental impacts, to allow this target to be met and limited any negative impact on the environment. Manufacturing, construction and industrial businesses have a range of areas to focus upon in order to reduce their environmental impacts, including carbon emissions from fuel combustion, vehicles and energy usage, the management of waste products, the use of packaging and responsible procurement.

Agenda 4 speakers will each have 25 minutes to discuss one of the identified problem areas, highlighting what is commonly the biggest challenge businesses face in reducing these environmental impacts and giving examples of how businesses can move forward to reduce these. This will then be followed by a networking opportunity.

- Intro/ welcome to event - Carbon emissions: Overcoming challenges that manufacturing and construction businesses experience when looking to reduce their carbon emissions - Waste management: How to reduce the level of waste produced and the best way to handle unavoidable waste - Packaging: How to reduce the level of packaging using and find packaging options that have a smaller impact on the environment - Procurement: How to develop and implement a sustainable procurement process and find local suppliers - Networking

Tea, coffee and pastries will be provided on arrival and a lunch will also be included.

Important information

The Resurgam Charter, in conjunction with the Interreg funded C-Care project, is therefore holding a conference to share knowledge around how these areas can be addressed. This will include speakers addressing the issue of waste, carbon emissions, packaging and responsible procurement, discussing what are the commonly faced issues in these industries and ways in which their impacts can be reduced. Alongside this, it will also provide an opportunity for networking where experiences and best practice can be shared.

This will be held in person on the 10th May at Borigndon Park. There are limited spaces for this event so please make sure you have booked in and registered early.

Photography and videography will be used during this event, if you wish to not be included, please contact Beth Whittaker at