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Health and Care is a bedrock and accelerating sector, with high volume activity under pressure from an ageing demographic.

Employs c. 17,000 
(16% of the city employment)
GVA output of
Health Tech is significantly higher productivity (x2.5) than the city average at £112,170 GVA/FTE

The sector also includes a high value niche Health Tech sub sector employing nearly 1,000 people.

Plymouth has major NHS facilities and a presence of key international private sector companies with globally relevant products/services.

Opportunities/Challenges to address
  • Skills shortage

  • Low awareness locally of health tech strengths to attract further inward investment and recruit staff for exciting careers

  • Need for new technological solutions and visible innovation ecosystem

  • Transparency of capital projects

HC Challenges to address
Identified courses of action
HC courses of action

Working through Skills Launchpad Plymouth create local talent pipeline

Outcome: More vacancies filled locally.

Outcome: Recruiting two x Health and Social Care Coordinators to develop a Health and Social Care Partnership with the key aim of addressing the recruitment and retention issues within this sector.

Progress Plymouth Health Innovation Alliance 

Outcome: Agree and articulate health tech strengths to attract inward investment 

Pursue new Health Technology Incubation Hub

Outcome: Visible, supportive eco-system to meet innovation needs and create/grow businesses

Create Register of Major Capital Projects 

Outcome: Increase local procurement ultimately to protect existing jobs and create more 

HC Successes
Successes/Results to date
AT the LAb


Pursuing a new biomedical testing facility in the city as part of a national network, creating 300 to 400 jobs

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