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A young, but accelerating sector which has seen high growth in recent years.  TechNation recognises it as one of the fastest growing clusters in the country.

2,032 FTE jobs
(1.9% of city employment)
GVA output of
(2.5% of Plymouth GVA)
Productivity £64,680
31%  above city average,
82.6% of GB average
High growth of 52% between 2009-18
Opportunities/Challenges to address
  • Businesses often young and lean with limited resources but looking to grow sales pipeline

  • Need for visible ecosystem such as co-working spaces, shared facilities to support talent pipeline, start-ups and growing businesses. Mapping the start-up landscape, funding & investment opportunities and support networks

  • Covid-19 pandemic has forced businesses to quickly pivot to digital delivery

  • Opportunity to support innovation in traditional sectors in Plymouth

  • Local procurement and collaborations  

Identified courses of action

Working through Resurgam Procurement Pillar Plymouth ensure digital companies registered on Plymouth Supplier Directory

Outcome: Increase local procurement ultimately to protect existing jobs and create more locally

Understand talent pipeline, map and promote co-working spaces and shared facilities  

Outcome: Visible, supportive eco-system to support new start-ups and grow existing businesses ultimately protecting and growing jobs. 

Facilitate cross sector innovation. Create and deliver specific cross sector workshops.

Outcome: Increase innovation in traditional sectors to remain competitive, protect jobs and encourage local procurement. 

Promote and unlock funding opportunities. Connect with investment bodies/channels. Showcase Plymouth investment opportunities.  

Outcome: Drive investment into Plymouth digital businesses to protect and grow high value jobs. 

Link into new Beacon opportunities such as National Marine Park, 5G SmartSound etc. 

Outcome: Grow local procurement and innovation input. 

Successes/Results to date
Digital Desk


Engaged with the Sector via networks to unlock and understand their need 

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