We will stimulate Plymouth’s economic recovery by progressing and accelerating on a diverse range of major capital projects, which will create jobs and support the sustainable growth of our city. 

We'll work with our partners to make the most of our key role in stimulating and supporting Plymouth's economic recovery and growth through our programme of infrastructure and other capital investments, providing a major force for change and improvement across the city. 

We'll do this by being particularly focused on five key areas:

  1. Enabling people and goods to move in and around Plymouth through our programme of transport improvements 

  2. The provision and improvement of key infrastructure projects such as digital connectivity, city centre and waterfront public realm and sports and leisure facilities 

  3. An ambitious programme of commercial developments and investments, such as providing new and improved workplaces 

  4. Increasing the provision of housing in the city 

  5. A range of regeneration projects across Plymouth 


Private investment secured for Plymouth in 2019 


Projects in the pipeline to launch between July and September 2020 


Permanent jobs already created through capital projects


Capital projects in the pipeline for the next 18 months 

What have we done so far?

We recognise the importance of a rapid response to deliver growth, help get people back to work and boost the local economy. Between now and the end of March 2021 we will have completed work and improvements on a wide range of major capital projects across the city.


These include:

  • Opening of The Box

  • Improvements to city car parks, play parks, Chelson Meadow recycling centre, cycle paths 

  • Works to the Millbay Boulevard

  • Completion of a new hotel, retail and student accommodation at the former Derry’s store.

As a Council we have a rolling infrastructure improvement programme of £75 million every year. We have managed to keep many of our big investment projects going throughout Covid-19, prioritising those that provide significant construction employment – keeping people in work and enabling important local services to keep running. 

What are we doing now?

We will be kick-starting new developments at the Plymouth International Medical & Technology Park, Broadley Park and a range of transport improvements. These investments and partnerships will create jobs for people and secure future employment opportunities.


Medium term

In addition, our medium term plans up to December 2021 will be to accelerate work on further public/private sector projects over the next 18 months, which will also trigger employment opportunities and deliver growth.


Longer term

To ensure our city continues to grow in the longer term we are already planning ahead, reviewing our pipeline of projects with the aim to accelerate schemes. We will be lobbying Government for funding to achieve this to aid our recovery.


We want this to continue to stimulate economic growth and investment for years to come and one that focuses on local employment and procurement, with higher environmental standards across our projects.