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We knew we wanted to grow back better.

It wasn’t enough to just reduce the harm, we needed to face the change, and we needed a plan that looked to the future so we ended up further ahead, not back where we started, with a greener and fairer city.

Plymouth is an ambitious city with many strengths and huge growth potential. We are a global centre of excellence for marine science and technology and have one of the largest clusters of expertise in Europe, and home to the UK’s first National Marine Park and Marine Enterprise Zone within the Oceansgate development.

Our 2020 – 2025 Economic Plan will deliver inclusive and clean growth, positively impact on climate agendas, and make the city more resilient and better than before.

This continues to be not just the council's job; but a responsibility for all of us.

Pioneering recovery beacons covering three areas in Blue and Green.

Supporting our culture, tourism and leisure sectors through high profile interventions like The Box and Mayflower 400 programme 

Build back better to improve our economy, society and environment through our local spending policies. 

We'll build on our future opportunities and strengths like our marine credentials, the National Marine Park and our strong pipeline of capital projects to establish a strong base for future growth for Plymouth  

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