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Resurgam was Plymouth’s Covid-19 Economic Recovery Programme, developed and co-created by Plymouth City Council and economic stakeholders in the private sector.  Whilst first delivered as an emergency business response; the sector led approach has galvanised the Plymouth business community, who have come together behind actions and recovery plan, that builds back a fairer and greener way.

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Action plan

This was about getting things done, having clear goals backed up by a robust plan. But a good plan is no good unless it unites people in a common purpose. 


So this was also a call to action, to do what Plymouth does best, to pull together to face an unprecedented challenge.

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Two main objectives

Core objectives 

A strong recovery 

There were things that we did immediately to protect jobs and support hard hit sectors. We needed a plan that would manage the health risk and reduce the immediate economic impact.

A better future

It wasn’t enough to just reduce the harm, we needed to face the change, and we needed a plan that looked to the future so we ended up further ahead, not back where we started, with a greener and fairer city.

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Comprehensive response

Acute response

The challenges we faced were immediate and acute. Effective support, strong advocacy and focused intervention were our first priority.

Analyse and reflect

Our response had to be built on clear analysis, active monitoring and robust scenario planning. We needed to be ready for a second wave or choppier waters with contingencies that would deliver our objectives in any event.

Effective recovery 

This is where we make it count, through a coordinated response, targetted resource and collective action. We have prepared for a marathon not a sprint so we can maintain momentum over the long haul.

Lasting legacy

The recovery programme must build on the legacy of past projects, leverage existing plans and leave a long-term legacy. So we can get back to the ‘new normal’ of a more inclusive and resilient economy.

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Four strands
Six key pillars

Six key pillars

Sector action plans

Every sector has unique challenges. We set up sector taskforces to work with sector leaders and groups to deliver focused and tailored support.

Build 4 Plymouth

We helped stimulate recovery by accelerating big construction, building and infrastructure projects that created jobs and built foundations for future prosperity.

City centre renaissance

Covid-19 accelerated existing trends, the clear direction of travel is towards a mixed use city centre and a more locally distinctive offer for all the people of Plymouth.

Spend 4 Plymouth

By focusing on the importance of spending our pounds in Plymouth and maximising the benefits, not only to the economy, but to the society and environment in Plymouth we continue to support local jobs and opportunities.

Recovery beacons

These are the transformational projects that will symbolise our recovery and set the direction for positive change in the local economy and life of the city. 

Skills 4 Plymouth

We continue to help our people to gain the skills they need to meet the demand of our local employers and sectors as an aid to recovery and to address future skills demands.  ​

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